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  • No Bags, Files, Bound Documents, Briefcases, Parcels, Hats or Umbrellas are to be brought into the Library.
    They may be kept in the Pigeon Hole Racks placed in the Cloak Room
  • No valuable article or cash should be kept in the in the Pigeon Hole Racks placed in the Cloak Room.The Library will NOT hold itself responsible for any losses.
  • Silence is to be observed in the Library.
  • Smoking, the consumption of food and drink, and the use of matches or open lights are forbidden in all parts of the Library.
  • No reader may reserve a seat in the Library.
  • Join work is not permitted inside the Library.
  • Readers may take any book they require from the shelves.
  • Books not accessible on the shelves should be requested for at the circulation desk.
  • Readers should not replace books on the shelves but should leave them on a table.
  • When taking any books, and papers out of the library such materials must be produced for inspection by Library Staff, if required.
  • Any Client stealing or knowingly removing Library Materials will be liable to a suspension from borrowing. He / She is also liable to be reported to the Vice-Chancellor for disciplinary action.
  • No material may be taken out of Sri Lanka without the permission of the Librarian.
  • No client shall misuse, damage or without permission removes any equipment of furniture belonging to the Library.
  • Any disorderly of improper conduct or breach of the regulations will render the client concerned liable to suspension from the use of the Library.
  • Permission to use the Library is given on condition that regulations of the Library will be strictly observed.

Clients are presumed to know them and to have undertaken to observe them.