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Library Profile

The Library Network of the Eastern University, Sri Lanka comprises the Main Library which caters to the faculties of Agriculture, Arts & Culture, Commerce & Management, Science and a branch library for the faculty of Health Care Sciences located in Batticaloa.

There is a diverse collection of information resources in the EUSL libraries, especially in terms of the breadth and depth of coverage. The collection is multi-disciplinary, encompassing a variety of subjects related to the established faculties and a full range of services is provided including Book loans; interlibrary loan, reference, and advisory services.



In accordance with the mission of the Eastern University, Sri Lanka, to be a center of excellence in higher education with emphasis on national relevance, international recognition and development, the library network is mounting as an exclusive cohort in the teaching, learning and research activities of the University.


The libraries are to support the university’s commitment to excellence in higher education by;
  • providing quality information services to students, staff and the community at large.
  • developing resources without prejudice and limitation to languages, contents and formats.
  • ensuring a continuous free flow of information via state of the art technology.
  • collaborating with university, institutional and governmental libraries in Sri Lanka for resource sharing.

Acting Librarian Message

Welcome to the website of the Library Network of Eastern University, Sri Lanka. The intellectual and informative arena, of which a University is built of, is strengthened by shot-up levels of online services and the dialated help to researchers. The first & foremost challenge that universities face is to evolve into the oncoming revolution; the thirst for knowledge, open upto more opportunities.

Our ultimate goal is to build comfortable & efficient library service for students and staff, developing the teaching and learning environment. Also we would like to achieve a supreme spot in enabling research & scholarship in both early as well as modern forms.

As one of the leading academic library networks, we are bound to enhance the library professional career in Sri Lanka. Further the library network is professionally organized and managed by highly competent and qualified professionals.

Our Library Network is actively integrated into the undergraduate curriculum by means of significant partnerships which recognize the centrality of information resources to the learning experience. Notable example of this kind of interaction include: the three-credit “Introduction to Library & Information Science” course in the Faculty of Arts & Culture study program, which is team taught by the Senior Librarians every year.

The libraries’ facilities, services and resources are aligned to the university strategic direction, and hence are geared towards supporting the academic and research goals of the university.

This website is our virtual space in the global web of information, but it only represents part of the library services. Although we are committed to help you to access all your information needs, we are similarly mindful of the fact that no library in the world can claim to be self-sufficient.

I hope you’ll explore the Eastern University, Sri Lanka, Library Network in these pages or in person, and I encourage you to contact me if you would like to learn more about our current initiatives and future directions.

I wish you fruitful browsing of our website.

Acting Librarian
Chartered Librarian
B.A.(Hons.), PG. Dip. Edu., M.Ed., MLSc., ALA, Ph.D (Reading)
Eastern University, Sri Lanka.